360 Total Security vs Avast: Comparison 2020

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The market for antivirus solutions is very rich in options. Dozens of companies offer antivirus protection for users with any budget. In case you are thinking of getting a new antivirus solution and you can’t decide between 360 Total Security vs Avast, this review-comparison is sure to be helpful. Let’s learn more about both programs to pick a more effective one.

A Brief Overview of Avast

First of all, the company offers several editions. There are a free edition and premium options with an annual subscription. Here the price starts at $60 and goes up to $120 for the most luxurious option. Over 200 million people use it worldwide.

When a user picks Avast, he is sure to get a long list of extras included.

  1. For example, aside from great antivirus engines, users get adware, spyware, and ransomware protection. They also get features like CyberCapture, Sandbox, and anti-spam tools.
  2. It has everything for safe online browsing as it offers a network security tool, a firewall, a password manager, a safe browser, a VPN, and secure DNS.
  3. Aside from that, Avast often adds optimization tools like Browser Cleanup, Data Shredder, Software Updater, etc.

Pick the bundle you like the most based on your budget and preferences. In case you are on a tight budget, you can stick to the Free Edition. It still has a few extras and delivers good protection from all kinds of threats.

The software has only the English version. It runs on such operating systems as Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac OS. A user may reach out to customer support via the ticket system.

A Brief Overview of 360 Total Security

Just like Avast, 360 Total Security has several editions. There is a free version, too. premium plans offer only an annual subscription and start at $10. It’s very affordable and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The software is based on a combination of Bitdefender and Avira’s engines to deliver great malware protection.

When a user picks this antivirus solution, he is sure to get plenty of extras, too.

  1. The bundles always include antivirus protection as well as malware and ransomware protection. Internet security is provided with the help of a firewall, Wi-Fi inspector, and some other extras. A user may also expect an ad blocker extension for enhanced online safety.
  2. What’s more, users get tools as Sandbox, Patch Up as well as different kinds of protection like privacy, Internet, and system protection.
  3. It has many optimization tools to help your device run smoothly. Just like in the case with Avast, users get a bunch of optimization tools like system clean up, system speedup, data shredder, disk analyzer, software updater, etc.

The free version is rather limited but it’s enough to protect the device from major threats.

The software supports English, Turkish, and Dutch languages. It supports such operating systems as Windows, Android, and Mac OS. Available support includes email, phone, and tickets.

Which One is Better?

Both antivirus solutions are user-friendly and intuitive. Users with different levels of experience will easily navigate the program and use the features included in the packages.

Besides, both 360 Total Security and Avast have some great features to offer. Their bundles bring many useful tools for safe browsing as well as optimization tools.  

However, based on the protection levels, Avast scored higher and is considered a more reliable antivirus.

Bottom Line

While neither antivirus program from this comparison is the best on the market, they both deliver good moderate protection and a great selection of extra tools. Take a look at the scored from independent testing labs to get the best possible protection from viruses, malware, and other online threats.