This is a detailed comparison of 2 mobile antiviruses. Here you’ll find out the peculiarities of each software as well as the main features you can expect. The Overview of Zemana mobile antivirus This software delivers average mobile security. It advertises the top 6 features which should protect your smartphone.Continue Reading

In case you don’t know yet, a VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network. This technology was created to protect your data and network connection from all sort of threats and leaks. Very often people use VPN routers. The data passes through it as an encrypted message. It’s especially usefulContinue Reading

Nowadays, VPN services have grown into a trend. People from all over the world download software, install extensions, app, etc. to hide their personal information from hackers, identity thieves, and others. That’s because now they realize how much they share when going online. It’s also because the awareness of howContinue Reading

A few years ago people didn’t care much about their privacy when going online. For one thing, that was because they didn’t realize how much personal information they share. In the light of recent scandals, the awareness took up the whole new level. Users got obsessed about online privacy lookingContinue Reading