Best Free Antivirus for the USA

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The IT market in North America, especially the United States, is an important guideline for the rest of the world. In terms of volume, several local producers and the level of competition with the US market, no other can be compared. That is why the best free antivirus in the USA, as a rule, find their customers in other countries, and market trends and innovations that have a real market base are extrapolated to other regions.

In this regard, it is very interesting to observe the current situation in the anti-virus market of North America to understand the direction of movement of the global market as a whole. If in monetary terms the US anti-virus market is well calculated (just refer to the data of large analytical agencies), then in terms of the number of installations, i.e. that protects users’ computers, there are not many.

McAfee Internet Security – Antivirus No. 1 in the USA

Speaking of the best antivirus products in the US, we could not help but mention McAfee. This product provides comprehensive protection of your PC in real-time from viruses, spyware, and malware. It is possible to scan such objects as:

  • removable media
  • launch parental controls
  • page visit report, password manager.
  • The firewall monitors the information received and transmitted by the computer.

Suitable for Windows / macOS / Android systems. Has a trial version for a month.

McAfee Internet Security 20.2 received 17.5 points from AV-Test experts. 0.5 point was withdrawn when evaluating the effectiveness of slowing down file copying and slower installation of frequently used programs.

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 10.9

US developers also released a product for macOS that showed the best results in repelling attacks and protecting the system but turned out to be an outsider by the criterion of performance, because it reduced the work of test programs by 16%, executing them 10 seconds longer than a system without protection.

Nevertheless, this is one of the popular programs for Mac.

Sophos Central Endpoint 9.6

Security Maker Sophos Launches Decent macOS Sierra Device Protection Product It ranked third in the level of protection category, reflecting attacks in 98.4% of cases.

As for the load on the system, during the copy and download operations, it took an additional 5 seconds for the last action.

Symantec Norton Security 7.3

Symantec Norton Security 7.3 has become one of the leaders in delivering an ideal protection result without additional system load and false positives.

His results are as follows:

  • protection – 100%
  • impact on system operation – 240 seconds
  • Correctness in detecting malware – 99%.

The program provides multi-level protection at the endpoints from attacks, malware, and threats. According to AV-Test, it protects your PC perfectly, while slightly affecting system performance.

Lab experts rated the product for Symantec corporate customers at a high 17.5 points.


We reviewed the best antiviruses from the USA for each device, tested and certified by an independent AV-Test laboratory. By choosing one of the products recommended above, you can relax while working with a computer and not worry about its security system.

After all, antiviruses will take care of this, the reliability of which was tested in laboratory tests.