Opera VPN review

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The internet is bombarded with plenty of VPNs which vary in price and specification. Today we are going to review Opera VPN, which is one of the best options in the market. This VPN fourfold the privacy perks for the opera browser users. It is utterly free and also without bandwidth limit. It doesn’t use OpenVPN, but instead, it encrypts your traffic by using a proxy. Most of the free VPN claim to provide the best services while in reality, they even fail to stream, but this VPN is entirely different. It works smoothly with NetFlix.

Not long ago, Netflix launched powerful VPN blocking software which stops the access of unauthorized users. So if you find a VPN working with Netflix it is really an achievement and Opera VPN has proved to be the one of those who successfully passed the NetFlix blocking software.

Opera VPN is simple and super easy to use. It was built in Opera browser, and so It doesn’t require any login or setup process. All you have to do is to go to the opera browser settings. Click on the privacy and security tab and enable the VPN option. Once you are done, you can check if it’s connected or not through your search bar. If there appears a blue icon, then it means you are good to go. If you wish to change your desired location, then you can also do so. Just click on the blue VPN box, and a menu will pop up. It will allow you to choose any one location between Asia, Europe, and America.

Another best thing about this Opera VPN is that its privacy policy is transparent. The ultimate purpose of these VPNs is to guard one’s identity against all preying eyes no matter what, and by all, it means from VPN companies too. So they respect this commitment and keep no record of users activities.

Now when we are reviewing this VPN, it is our responsibility to inform you about its cons too. Opera VPN is actually more like a proxy. Now here you might ask that what so big deal is whether it’s a proxy or a VPN as both hides the IP address. Well, yes but the proxy doesn’t encrypt the data, and so it makes it vulnerable while as compared to it, the VPN uses best encryption codes to secure your information from getting leaked. In simple words, this Opera VPN may hide your IP, but it can’t secure your information going on the web. 

This was a simple Opera VPN review. You can get a lot of information about it from different YouTube channels, but they will tell you the same stuff. Now you can use this VPN if you have no issues with slow speed otherwise there are many other options you can consider