Things You Should Know About WatchGuard Mobile VPN

Nowadays, VPN services have grown into a trend. People from all over the world download software, install extensions, app, etc. to hide their personal information from hackers, identity thieves, and others. That’s because now they realize how much they share when going online. It’s also because the awareness of how much data your IP address caries has increased. Besides, a reliable VPN provider brings several other advantages to your device. Let’s go over why you should start using a VPN and discuss what WatchGuard Mobile VPN is.

The main advantages you get when you install a VPN

It turns out that when you visit a website, you share bits of data with it. Later, this information can be used to target ads on you, etc. The website receives your IP address, which in its turn reveals your location, home address, real name, and other bits of data. If you use a credit card on the website, you share these financial details, too. Worse than that, some third-party companies can intercept and steal your personal information to use against you. That’s why using a VPN is very important. It helps you:

1. Get your anonymity online. A VPN masks your IP address with one of the IP address of the server you connect to. Most providers don’t log, track or store your online activities due to a no-log policy. However, not all providers do that, so be attentive when making a choice.

2. Avoid restrictions based on your location. You must have noticed how some sites, videos, etc. aren’t available in your region. Using a VPN can help you deal with this issue. Just use the server from another country and you’ll be able to access any website and data. It’s especially helpful if you are trying to access foreign streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, etc.

3. Share files. Many people use a VPN for torrenting. They can freely download, share, and stream videos, music, and other content. You can find some VPN providers which have dedicated servers to this feature only.

4. Protect your PC and data. It’s an additional layer of protection when you use public Wi-Fi spots, travel, etc. Some providers offer software adjusted for all sorts of devices which you can cover using one lice sense.

WatchGuard Mobile VPN

WatchGuard is a company that has been on the market for almost 3 decades. It’s a pioneer in cutting-edge cybersecurity technology. Most of the company’s software is very simple and user-friendly. WatchGuard Mobile VPN belongs to this list, too. Let’s enumerate the peculiarities of the software.

1. The WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL client is an app developed by this company.

2. You can install it on a remote PC.

3. The software creates a secure connection from the remote PC to the protected network through the unprotected one. For example, through the Internet.

4. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

5. This software secures a safe connection protecting your data and online activities.

6. The default protocol and port for the WatchGuard Mobile VPN is TCP port 443.

7. The Firebox protects a web server which uses HTTPS. It also protects a Microsoft Exchange server.

8. You can adjust the software to your needs when you learn that the main elements of configuration are user groups, policies, shared settings, and tunnel traffic options.

The company offers lots of decent products to protect your PC and privacy. You can learn more about them on the official website.