VPN for Mobile Gadgets: How to Pick?

A few years ago people didn’t care much about their privacy when going online. For one thing, that was because they didn’t realize how much personal information they share. In the light of recent scandals, the awareness took up the whole new level. Users got obsessed about online privacy looking for ways to hide their activities. That’s why VPN providers got so popular. Let’s discuss which benefits they deliver as well as the top VPN providers for your smartphone.

The advantages of using a VPN

First of all, you need to understand that a VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It means the user can stay anonymous on the Internet since another computer will reach for the data and deliver to it. The technology has brought numerous advantages which include:

1. Enhanced security. Whenever you visit a website, you share some data with it. It’s usually your IP which can later be tied to your location, home address, etc. A VPN encrypts the data and hides your IP behind the address of the server.

2. File sharing. Since it’s a network, users can easily exchange files, use torrenting, etc.

3. Increased anonymity. Since the IP address is hidden, the activities can’t be traced back to you. At least theoretically. The reality can be different a bit. In order to secure complete anonymity, you need to be attentive and read which terms the provider offers. Some offer no-log policy, while others promise to share your personal information when intelligence agencies ask for it.

4. The lack of geo-restrictions. There are many websites you can’t access because of your location. Using a VPN’s server located in a different country, you can easily unlock the information. It includes streaming services, online stores, etc.

The best VPN providers for your smartphone

When looking for a VPN provider, it’s essential to define first whether you want a free or a paid one. Mind that free VPN apps are less reliable and always come with ads because they still have to make money and maintain the servers. So, the best VPN providers for smartphones are ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and NordVPN. Let’s learn more about each option.

The peculiarities of ExpressVPN

It comes in both free and paid option. This is probably the best overall choice since it delivers a great selection of servers worldwide at a reasonable price. ExpressVPN secures high speeds, guarantees your security and anonymity as well as has a kill switch. The latter is a very useful feature which prevents any data leaks. When the network detects an interruption of connection, it stops the session before your IP is revealed.

NordVPN and its advantages

This VPN provider is another great option. It stands out by supporting up to 6 simultaneous connections. This means you can get the app not only on your smartphone but add it to all the devices in the household. NordVPN is also a great choice for torrenting, streaming apps like Netflix, etc. The provider maintains thousands of servers all around the world so you can unlock virtually any information.

The advantages of IPVanish

This company initially designed the software for torrenting. Nowadays, however, it’s has a very popular app for smartphones. You can get it in a couple of clicks from Play Market. Using the premium version, you can use any of the 1200 servers in 60+ countries. It’s very simple, user-friendly, and convenient. Besides, one license can cover up to 10 devices which is more than enough for a household.

Pick the VPN provider that suits your needs and meets your expectations.