Zemana Mobile Antivirus VS T-Mobile Antivirus

This is a detailed comparison of 2 mobile antiviruses. Here you’ll find out the peculiarities of each software as well as the main features you can expect.

The Overview of Zemana mobile antivirus

This software delivers average mobile security. It advertises the top 6 features which should protect your smartphone. They include:

1. Antivirus cleaner.

2. 5-times faster Android scanner.

3. Adware removal.

4. Malware removal.

5. Anti-keylogger protection to protect your data.

6. Malicious websites blocking.

The security features you can expect from Zemana antivirus

First of all, it has recently introduced a web protection feature. It protects you from all sorts of malicious websites. However, it’s only active when you use the Chrome browser.

You can also get real-time protection. All the newly-installed apps are scanned automatically. There is no need to turn it on manually every time you get something new on your smartphone. It works 24/7 and stops all sorts of virus, malware, spyware, adware, keylogger, and other threats.

Zemana offers automatic DB updates. The database is always up-to-date and you can be protected from the latest threats on the Internet. The brand-new Cloud Scanner cleans your device from viruses.

Anti-Keylogger protection detects and blocks all suspicious keyboard apps, password managers, and SMS apps which track what you are typing. This is a newly added feature.

Besides, you can always reach technical support. It works 24/7 and can help you deal with any kind of threat you can’t delete yourself.

However, not everything is as perfect as the official information states. Unfortunately, it’s too expensive for the kinds of service you get. The antivirus software is not always reliable and misses some threats. Your smartphone won’t be completely protected with it.

T-Mobile Antivirus by McAfee

Well, this is a choice that’s worth your attention. Keep in mind that this app works exclusively for T-Mobile customers. McAfee designed an app to protect and enhance your Android. Convenient enough, you can use it both on smartphones and tablets.

This antivirus solution already won several awards for delivering the most reliable and innovative services in the industry.

The app has recently introduced several new features and improvements. It also has lots of free features to deliver you the basic protection and a bit more.

Top free features T-Mobile Antivirus has

First of all, you get a set of anti-theft & mobile security features. They include device lock security and thief cam, anti-spyware, etc. You can remotely wipe data, locate, track, and alarm (if your smartphone is lost or stolen). This category also includes anti-theft uninstall protection which stops the thief from uninstalling the app. You can also manage the app remotely using the web portal.

A great selection of privacy features also comes free. There are kids mode, app lock, and app privacy check which can help you maintain your privacy.

The performance and optimization deliver you a battery booster, a widget you can tap for quick access to the antivirus, a memory booster, and a storage cleaner. You may also track data usage.

Finally, antivirus security & web protection scanners speak for themselves. You can clean and remove viral files, get a safe web browsing experience, and connect to Wi-Fi safely (even if you use public or unsecured Wi-Fi spots).

The verdict

Clearly, in this comparison, T-Mobile Antivirus developed by one of the leaders on the market, McAfee, is a winner. It doesn’t only deliver a better selection of tools but keeps up with the protection. This is a reliable option. However, remember that it’s only available for T-Mobile users.